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HOt damn!

This is so funny. People say the animation is bad, but I don't think so. I think you got the timing perfectly between all the scenes to perform the max amount of humor out of the joke. Nice job! 10/10 from me. :D

haitam responds:

The animatin isn't good because I didn't inbetween.

thanks for the review ! :D

the problem with this is,..

It was all one scene. Pretty boring in that respect.

Also, the character had very small or no eyes at all. So they seemed to not have any personality. Which results in them not being interesting. I'm still watching it as I write this review. and DANG it's STILL zooming in on his face? It's overdone. Sorry.

Great job!

I guess I don't know a whole lot about mega man, as I wasn't able to follow all of this. but I did find it entertaining, and even laughed at a few parts. Particularly the head, and the end part with the hotdog. The hotdog was funny because I myself have a hotdog character. XD

Except his eyes are on the buns. lol

The voice acting was great too. EyesAdrift is pretty dang good. :P
He voices for one of my characters too.

Overall awesome animation. high fives*

kalabor106 responds:

Thanks. The hotdog was sort of a random push over from the Sonic cartoon. funny you have one too. I'll have to find it see how it looks. EyesAdrift is great to work with, and is pretty good.

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Short as heck and simple too. But I liked it. Good job! :D

So awesome. :D

I love this game. I came back to play it even after like a year. haha

Pretty good.

And after I've seen this I realized that I need some Claritan clear so Imma go get it thanks to your cartoons ad! haha

Also great game. :)

zaphielsan responds:

Hahaha xD Thx :)

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This is great. It has a mood that I could really use in a cartoon. Great job. :D

I love this

With all my heart. Definietly going to try and use it in a cartoon. :)

Pocketpod responds:

cool Thank you!

GOsh dang!

You make such good, scary songs!

It's hard to find those here on newgrounds.

I'mma definitely use this if I can in a project. :D

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Flippin awesome!

I should really do this with my characters too!

Is there any explanation as to why theres human and non human characters in this though? Is your world like a magical one? O:

My world has no humans, but I accidently put one in my halloween cartoon. lol
I'll just say he has tentacles under his robe.

Bonehead93 responds:

The Bonehead Universe ain't that confusing, really.

Bonehead's a guy with a skull for his head, L-Man's an anamorphic L and Dawg's a talking dog. They live in a world with humans, but a whole bunch of other crazy guys are thrown into the mix.

I made those guys up when I was like 14 or 15.
I wasn't trying to make something revolutionary or anything, haha! The sense of the universe didn't matter at all.



It's awesome to see you have more characters!

I should really include more of my characters in my animations. I had a bad guy and everything in the comics I made as a kid.

Looking at your stuff really inspires me to work hard too! So thanks Bonehead! :D

Interesting Characters.

Just add color, and this could be a lot more epic win.

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